Since 1999, Subjex Corporation has focused on Engineering Solutions in Technology. Subjex has acquired or developed a substantial library of intellectual property assets, as well as interests in other businesses, some of which include:

Business Models:
Subjex Capital Currency Arbitrage
The Subjex Word Engine
Portfolio Catalog AI Natural Dialogue Expert Entity - Proper SEO Strategy
HedgeFundFAQ an SEO case study
and others...

Software Intellectual Property:
57 Software Development Libraries (SDL's)
Proprietary SEO Cloaking Software
Ecommerce toolkit - cart, search etc.
Neural Network algorithm methodology
Proprietary Affiliate Network System

Catalog of Database Holdings:
Demographic Domain DB 2Mil+ records
Financial Investor DB 2k
700k Internet Marketer emails
Twitter SBJX Followers 1.6k

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